Thursday 14th February…..what a day!
Well, what an amazing day….again!
Last night we were invited to be front row guests at a wedding…..
We were greeted by everyone as though we were family and sat down for an hour or so to watch the proceedings. Simply beautiful. We were invited for the third day of proceedings commencing at 7 o’clock this morning. We politely declined. I think we would still be there now had we accepted!
So we struggled to find anything to eat and the jippy tummy returned for one of the team……so he ate nothing.
An early start and we cycled through rice paddies and fields with roaming buffalo, cows, goats etc. They blocked our path on several occasions but we didn’t care…..
There were very few vehicles. We joined a main road and stopped for a coffee before crossing a huge bridge over the Mekong and cycling along the riverside for around 35 kms. More great scenery and best of all, great people. We (I) was beckoned over for a lunch break beer with a group of workers who were packing the rice into sacks. They were all sat under a tree chatting. We all partook in a social drink with them. It would have been rude not to. We laughed a lot but only drank a little as we still had around 20 kms to go.
Cycling in Phnom Penh is marginally safer than playing Russian roulette. However we survived and have checked into our hotel for three nights. Lots to see and do here. Photos to follow shortly.

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