Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March….Hi Chi Minh to Hoi An……

We flew ‘business class’ for a bit of a treat, but the truth is that it worked out only £10 more to have an extra luggage allowance for the bikes. Business class lounges have rarely been occupied by cyclists on a budget, I feel! Nice to be pampered in the front rows of the plane…. But it won’t happen very often in the future….(take note, Jackie, Hazel and Liz).
We left HCM city after a pleasant stay exploring that great city and woke up early for our flight to Danang, and a short taxi ride to the UNESCO world heritage site of Hoi An. Yet another one! I think that’s the fourth in the trip, and with good reason. It’s an old town on the coast full of old colonial buildings and heaps of history. At night it’s transformed into a bustling place full of restaurants and markets stalls beneath colourful lanterns selling souvenirs and local foods. A great buzz to the place.
Our hotel is by far the best we have stayed in. By a million miles! Last hotel in HCM was good, though.
Tomorrow we are going to get up before the sparrows to go volunteering on kayaks to clean the river. One of the breakfast waitresses does it and as soon as she knew we were up for a challenge, asked us if we wanted to join in. Could be interesting! No other tourists, it’s a local thing so that should be an experience!
Otherwise, it’s more R and R….

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Jackie · 01/03/2019 at 7:18 am

Sounds amazing…lots of pictures please

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