Tuesday 15th January…(I think!). We ditched the bikes today and left them in a hotel in phoukoun. We caught a minibus to Phonsavan, to visit the Plain of Jars. Much more interesting than it sounds. The ‘jars’ are in fact huge pots made of stone that has been quarried from the region, thousands of years ago. No-one knows why. They are between 1-2.5 metres high and scattered around beautiful hills in the area. Some believe they were burial pots, others believed they were for storeage? Whatever they were, they are an amazing sight. Goodness knows how they were moved into their resting places. Some were damaged during the Vietnam war by US bombing during the secret war. Amazing.
We are staying in Phonsavan tonight. There is a better variety of food, thank goodness…..I’m well and truly over noodles and rice! So are Chris and Matt, I think.
It’s got Vietnamese influence so some restaurants have some interesting meat on the menu.
Omelette again, then!
Photos to follow….

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