Well,after an uneventful flight,we have arrived in Bangkok. Hot and bustling as usual. We went out for a posh breakfast at a street stall before retiring to our room for a few hours sleep.
We are now in Khaosan Road, drinking a beer or two whilst waiting for a haircut. Had the pleasure watching a street carnival procession over breakfast. Packed the bags well in advance before setting off but now have to buy a cycle hat as Matt J ‘s is sitting nicely on the kitchen table at home!! Matt C and Chris seem to have everything…Have to find a bicycle shop in Bangkok which might prove eventful as the city is full of mopeds and Tut Tut’s.
It just goes to show……no matter how much you prepare you can always forget something. At least Matt I can.

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Andrea Cleave (Lowe) · 29/12/2018 at 11:33 am

Just sat at at number 4 lambs close, eating your wife’s banana cake with matt j’s family. Been shown your blog and looking forward to following your progress. Have fun. X

Christopher Jenkins · 30/12/2018 at 9:30 am

I am puzzled. Why does a cycle need a hat? Just hope Jackie brings some Banana Cake to the Family Party. That’s if we can get there, it is very foggy, the air is still and the daylight is dull and grey, But I would not miss the Party for anything, well nearly anything. Nice picture of the Buddha, I recall seeing that – it is of solid gold isn’t it? Travel safely. Kit..

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