Thursday 21st February……eventful……
Well today we woke up early and started cycling to see the floating markets that Can Tho is famous for. Unfortunately one of the trio became unwell (no alcohol involved!!!!) and we had to abort the trip. No drama, there will be others…they are all over the Mekong Delta region. We started our trip to Tra Vinh but the poorly member of the team has to abort and, with the assistance of a friendly local, he was packed into a bus with his bike. He completed the journey of 85 kms asleep on the floor of the bus!
The other two cycled through some beautiful country roads avoiding the main roads. We encountered more friendly locals, including a ‘drinks stop’ where the proprieter declined our payment for our drinks. Special people.
We also visited a war graves cemetery from the 1970’s. Very similar to the commonwealth war graves in Europe.
We also saw a mature woman punting along a weed covered waterway. She was amazingly strong and afforded us a great smile. Tra Vinh seems lovely although we have only just arrived. Photos to follow.

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