Sunday 20th January.
Long ride in terms of distance. Around 60 miles from Phonhong to the capital, Vientiane. It was very hot and dusty. We have bought bandanas that we wrap over our faces to avoid getting covered in dust. We look like bandits. We avoided the busy road for the first 30 miles or so and went on the back roads. Very quiet and almost no traffic. That’s because we took a wrong turning and ended up in a small track leading to a ‘ferry’ that took us across the river. An unexpected pleasant surprise. We cycled alongside a riverbank through tiny settlements with smiling locals. When we emerged into the main road there were hundreds, possibly over a thousand soldiers along the road for about twenty miles. They all seemed pretty relaxed and we have no idea why they were there, but in years gone by this stretch of road was subject to the occasional robbery. We felt safe however, the soldiers even waved from their trucks as they passed.
It’s an average capital city, not recommended for a ‘city break’ with a partner. They would be disappointed. Still, loads of decent restaurants….and the COPE museum, which is fascinating. (Worth a visit to their website, to understand what it is).
Photos to follow……

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Christopher Jenkins · 22/01/2019 at 11:30 am

Matt and mates, sounds and looks like a trip of a life time. Very envious. Your postcard arrived today (Tues 22rd) All is well at home except for politicians… weather here: frost some mornings, dull & overcast others, otherwise good. Kit.

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