Saturday 9th February…..what a day…….
Well, the ride today was anything but memorable. A longish day, around 80 kms in hot conditions on a road that was in the process of being improved apparently! It was bumpy and dusty, not to mention very busy. There was not a lot to admire about the journey, the scenery was average at best. Even our lunchtime stop was average……
However, when we arrived at Battambang, it all changed! A nice guest house in a pleasant town. We got showered…..We really needed it……and hired a tuk tuk to the nearby bat caves. Every night just after sunset, 2-3 million bats fly out of a cave to go looking for bugs that frequent the rice paddies. They leave in a long line that stretches for miles and miles like a cloud into the distance. Truly unforgettable. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Prior to that we had visited another nearby cave that was used by the Khmer Rouge in the 1975-1979 war as a place of mass murder. Terrible, haunting history and a place of sad reflection on what man did to fellow man. The bat cave needed to lift our spirits and it certainly did. What a day. Unforgettable. Photos to follow…..

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