I’ve decided to start packing my bike and other necessities next week. Christmas will be full-on with two teenage daughters and I don’t wish to spend time packing when we should be having fun….

So, for what it’s worth, here are my thoughts…the list is by no means exhaustive…

Things to do….

Ensure all vaccinations are completed. I’ve had all my ‘jabs’…I just need to take my oral vaccination for cholera (Dukoral)…one dose next week and the other on 20th December….

Copy passport details, flight details, medication details (ie your vaccinations record-your doctor should provide this), emergency details etc etc and ‘send’ them to your email address. That way they will be safe and available. Paper copies are also advisable (my advice, that is).

Get some cash to get started. US dollars and Thai Baht.

Things to take…..medical…..

Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, antiseptic cream (Savlon), anti-histamines, Magnesium tablets, Aspirin, insect repellant, insect bite cream,

Things to take……personal…

Wash bag, sunscreen, ‘Rash’ cream (for those ‘tender’ bits), bar of soap, deodorant, razors, shaving oil, lightweight towel, ‘energy’ tablets (Barocca or similar), vaseline,

Essential bits of kit…….

Sunglasses, specs for reading, cycling helmet, sun hat, bike pump, pump for suspension forks, bike tool, puncture repair kit, spare tyre, whistle, bike lights (small), silk sleeping bag liner, mosquito net, earplugs for sleeping (have you heard Matt C snore?), water bottles, small torch, water purification tablets,

Clothing….. (my list)…..

Cycling leggings (for Northern Laos-cool weather?), long sleeve cycling top (warm), lightweight waterproof jacket, long sleeve cycling top (lightweight-to prevent sunburn), short-sleeve cycling tops x 2, cycling shorts x 2, cycling socks x 3, cycling gloves-long and short fingered with gel inserts, lightweight trousers-(wear on plane), polo shirt-(wear on plane), lightweight shirt, undies x 2, cycling shoes-(wear on plane), sandals (?), swimming trunks, shorts,

Nice to have….

Camera, mobile phone, tablet, Wallet for holding travel documents, earphones and ipod(?), reading materials, something to ‘give away’….eg modelling balloons, colouring pencils, playing cards (Matt C), travel chess set (Matt J),

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