Wednesday 9th January. A short cycling day. This was our first day of rain. We cycled through slight drizzle and instead of stopping to eat breakfast we cycled around 25 miles to our destination, Luang Prabang. We had a late breakfast and then we packed our clothes for a trip to the laundry lady around the next street. Our clothes were becoming a bit pungent! Even the flies kept their distance!
Luang prabang is a UNESCO world heritage site. A buddhist town. We visited a small temple and listened to the monks chanting for half an hour which was entrancing, as always.
Food is a bit better here than the last few days, and a lot more choice. we can actually choose something other than noodle soup.
We will be resting for the next few days. It’s yoga at 7.30 in the morning overlooking the Mekong…..providing it does not rain. Then a visit to the kuangsi waterfall. A tough day, indeed.
We are all well pleased with ourselves. It has been a hard slog.
Matt J

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Derek Edwards · 09/01/2019 at 4:51 pm

Sounds like a great adventure. Well impressed by your website & blog. Just got back from a ride over the Berkshire Downs – a little cooler than you are experiencing with an afternoon temperature of 3C.
I`m still smarting from the Norwich/Derby result!
Have fun!

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